A Blue Door Place
This 2,100-square-foot apartment in Tai Tam is a bright home for the family of three. Taking inspiration from the surrounding greenery, we used vivid color accents to enliven a minimal scheme. Lime-green chairs with a design reminiscent of three branches help to bring the outdoors in and reflect the family’s love of nature. Inspired by the incredible blue light sky in an early evening, we installed blue modular seating and large blue sliding doors.
Red Hill Peninsula 3
Red Hill Peninsula 8
Red Hill Peninsula 5
Red Hill Peninsula 7
Our client feels that Tai Tam is a dream place to love and they wanted their apartment to be real bolt-hole, somewhere they could really wind down after a stressful day in the office, which is exactly what it is.
Red Hill Peninsula 6

Bathroom with a Pop of Color

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Red Hill Peninsula 10

Calm and Serene

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Red Hill Peninsula 1

Walking to the other side of the master bedroom, it comes to the grooming area and walk-in closet, which is custom-made for the female owner.