Often known as the city that never sleeps, Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle is something many of us have a love-hate relationship with. But those desiring tranquility need not sacrifice accessibility to the city’s downtown.

With the launch of new properties like AltaMira and Alassio in Midlevels, homebuyers are able to enjoy exclusivity and breathtaking views of the city just a stone’s throw from the bustling Central district. But the location is just part of the equation.

Here are some tips to decorate interiors to create a sanctuary in the heart of the metropolis.

Using a soothing colour scheme and natural materials are a good way to create a tranquil space.

For example, at this apartment in the Pavilia Hill development in Tai Hang, Clifton opted for soothing
hues of white, grey and green, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the couple to relax
after a long day at work.


In this apartment in Amber Garden in Kennedy Road, Mid-levels, earth tones is opted at the dining
room of with the cosy chairs from Habitat and dining table from TREE. The choice of the rustic
wooden dining table further invites the serene natural scenery into the home.


Another way to take pick the colour scheme is to take inspiration from the lush greenery outdoors,
especially if you are blessed with such breathtaking views.

In this Redhill Peninsula project in Tai Tam in the Southern district, Clifton decided to use light green
dining chairs from Forest, which echo the stunning mountain views outdoors. He also went with
natural materials of wood for the flooring and cabinets, giving the dining room a warm atmosphere.

Besides earth tones, natural light is another way to create a relaxing space and warm atmosphere for
the homeowners.


For example, with Clifton opting keep the ceiling-to-floor windows clear from furniture, a vast amount
of natural light can seep into this project in the Royalton development in Robinson Road, Midlevels,
creating a homely and spacious apartment.

With not many places offering the lush greenery in Midlevels, it would be a waste to just allow the
breathtaking views and natural light to enter the dining room. As such, Clifton proposed the use of a
semi-open kitchen with a sliding glass door, which allows occupants to also admire the beautiful
outdoor views from the kitchen.

Another way to play with lighting is to opt for a soft blue lighting such as this one at the bathroom of
this Babington House project in Midlevels.

Clifton explains that the colour as well as the fact that it is an indirect lighting creates a muted, spa-like mood for occupants to relax after a long day at work.


With the lack of public space at home, it is often easier to feel stressed. So keeping your home spacious with a minimalist design is another way to create a relaxing space.

This can be exemplified in this apartment at Baguio Villa in Pokfulam. With the use of an open kitchen with a minimalist island, cabinets and stools as well as a living room featuring signature pieces such as a simple yet sleek sofa and coffee table from habitat and indigo respectively, owners are able to escape the fast-paced, crowded environment outdoors.


Another perk of having a minimalist design is that it acts as a “gallery” for art pieces. For some people, artworks have the effects of healing, so why not try adding signature pieces that speak to you in your living space.


The simple design of this study room of Babington House project allows this vivid Marcel Desbiens art piece to shine.


Likewise, the minimalist design in the dining room of the Baguio Villa project draws owners and guests attention to this colourful painting Nguyen Minh Son, a contemporary Asian artist from Vietnam.