Just because you have a child entering your life does not mean that you have to give up on style. With the choice of right materials and sophisticated colour choices, we prove that practicality does not have to come at the expense of chic design.

With a child and dog, it was not practical for the couple to use wooden furniture. But that did not mean they had to give up on stylish, warm pieces. Clifton opted for laminate covering from English brand Lamitak for all storage units, such as this grey one in the living room. Not only is the covering water resistant, it is also durable. Hence the couple need not worry about the dog scratching the surface or their son throwing toys at it. While many might balk at the choice of laminate coverings, often associated with sacrificing style for substance, Lamitak caters to design-conscious parents with its fabric-like, matt textures. The brand is also certified for its low emissions and low toxicity.

Knowing that the couple is art lovers, Clifton kept the design in the living room simple, so as to create a gallery-like space for them to display their art pieces.

The minimalist design of the living room is complemented by B&O sound systems.

With a young child who is still very active and curious about exploring the world, the couple wanted a room that engaged his senses. To do so, Clifton opted for a slide-and-bed combination set from Lifetime, which allows the child to enjoy the thrills of a playground, but at the safety of his home. Peek below the bed and you will find a space-saving storage unit, which trains the child to organize his books ad toys.  Lamitak covering is also used for the wardrobes, especially with the child likely to spend a lot of time playing in his room.

The minimal design of the master bedroom, featuring soothing tones of green, brown and grey, creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the couple to relax after a long day at work and taking care of the child. Clifton made full use of the windowsill by creating a lounging area for the owners to read a book or just enjoy the views outside by padding the windowsill, and adding cushions and a throw. The cabinet is also covered with Lamitak.

Being the parents to an active child, the owners of this apartment do not have much time to themselves. As such, Clifton focused on creating a relaxing sanctuary for the couple in their bathroom—the only place they can be ‘escape’ from their child. Using light and earth tones, the bathroom is opened up given a tranquil touch. He also picked a B&O Play speaker, which not only provides soothing music for the owners, but also adds to the sleekness of the bathroom visually.

The kitchen is semi-open with a glass door, which allows more natural light to enter. Sleek appliances from MIele and Fisher and Paykel are complemented by a modern design, such as a unique wall feature in between cabinets created with New York subway-inspired tiles.

A warm mood is created in the dining room, with the use of a rustic wooden dining table from TREE. The table is complemented by cosy chairs from Habitat.