With more and more people opting to work from home, study rooms and home offices are becoming an increasingly important part of a home’s décor. However, in Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, we often couldn’t afford to have a room freed up as a home office or study. Even if you somehow manage to squeeze some space out, you often end up with a claustrophobic, small home office, which might affect your thinking process, creativity or productivity.

Here are some innovative ways to come up with space and create a comfortable and inspiring study area.

Apartments in Hong Kong often come with layouts that are not the most conducive for furniture placement. Here’s an example of how we can turn a flaw into something useful. If your apartment has a diamond layout or corners with slanted corners, considering using these difficult to utilize areas to create a unique home office.

Here, an otherwise redundant part of the apartment is carved out to function as a study. Not only is it functional, the unique layout is aesthetically stimulating. The desk, overhead cupboards, and display case are designed by Clifton, while the chair and artwork from Ikea.

Check out more about this project: https://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/robinson-place/

In this example, a white wall with the top made of glass is used to separate the study from the living room. The semi-permeability provides a certain degree of privacy for the user to concentrate, while staying connected with what is happening in the living room. The use of glass for the top of the wall also makes the study appear more open and less confined. A shelf that curves around the wall also adds to the continuity of space from the living room to the home office. The desk and hanging shelves are designed by Clifton, the ergonomic desk chair from Posh, and the plastic CD racks from Montparnasse.

Check out more about this project: https://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/robinson-place-mid-levels/

As a study room is somewhere that is not too noisy, full privacy is not always required. Why not consider a glass door, which opens up the apartment and allows the room to be more connected to other rooms.

Here is an example of a two-in-one bedroom and study. The original wall is knocked down and replaced with a frosted glass door, opening up the space visually and functionally. The user in the home office can have a certain degree of privacy with the frosted glass, while staying connected to those in the bedroom.

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Having the study next to the dining room is useful for parents as they can keep an eye on their children in the living and dining room. The chairs in this design are from Herman Miller.

Check out more about this project: https://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/tregunter-tower/

If you or your spouse loves to cook or have to spend a lot of time preparing meals, consider situating the study room next to the kitchen. With a glass door, you and your lovebird can check in on each other every now and then, while having separate spaces to concentrate on your work. The use of a glass door also ensures the smoke and oil from cooking don’t enter the study, while opening up the space.

Check out more about this project: https://www.cliftonleungdesignworkshop.com/project-residential/cherry-crest-mid-levels/

Staring at your computer for long hours can be straining on the eyes. Consider having a window in your home office, such as these designs, so you can look out and feel revitalised.