Ideas for a white kitchen with a twist

Contemporary or classic: white kitchen ideas that match your personality

Many people might associate having a white colour scheme for your living space with being plain or boring, but with the right design, the subtle colour can turn your home into an open, minimalist and trendy space.

One of the best places to use a white colour scheme is your kitchen. In the words of award-winning designer Mick de Giulio: “White has stood the test of time because it’s clean and fresh.” He further explained: “And those two words — clean and fresh — are classic words for describing a great kitchen. There isn’t a better way to approach design.”

For many, the kitchen is the life of the home, where a family gathers to eat and share about their day. As such, it is important to have a kitchen that is bright and lively.

As the brightest colour, white reflects light, making even the smallest of kitchens seems spacious.

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Besides the huge windows that bring abundant natural light and fresh air into this apartment, the ceiling skylight design creates an illusionary extension of the natural lighting, offering an inviting space with positive vibes for casual chatting with friends and family.

The skylight also serves as a centrepiece directly above the island, which is complemented by bar stools and bookshelves at the side, reflecting the warmth and cosiness of a home where owners can enjoy reading while having a cup of coffee.

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Another way to make your kitchen brighter and livelier is with a semi-open kitchen like this one. Here, not only does natural light enter through the window, it also comes in from the living room via the opening between hanging cabinets and the island, making the kitchen more lively and spacious.

At the same time, the hanging cabinets ensure a certain degree of privacy for the user of the kitchen, while providing storage for kitchen tools, ingredients and utensils.

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If you are worried about smoke from cooking entering the living room, considering having a semi-open kitchen like this one, which has movable glass panels, which help trap smoke within the kitchen.

By using a transparent sliding glass door, the gorgeous mountain view of the dining room is still visible when cooking or preparing food in the kitchen. The trees and plants evoke a restful, soothing and cheerful ambience.

Another plus point about white kitchens is that they go well with a minimalist design. But minimalism doesn’t mean boring.

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If you like stainless steel appliances, a white kitchen is perfect for showcasing these kitchen tools, such as in the exhaust hood, sink accessories and pot in this kitchen. The tap is from Galaxy Bathroom.

By having a simple white colour scheme, you can play up the accents and details such as the black knobs and details on the cabinets in this kitchen. The countertop and units are designed by Clifton Leung Design Workshop.

If black, white and grey seem a bit boring to you, bring in colourful accessories, such as a plant in the kitchen above, or pots or even fruits in the kitchen below.

If you like flowers, you can even consider placing an Ikebana floral arrangement in your white kitchen, which adds and arty touch to your kitchen.

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With a simple white colour scheme, you can bring in sharper details such as the cluster of copper lamps in this kitchen, which act character to your white kitchen.

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Play with lighting for your white kitchen. In the following kitchens, indirect lighting creates layers, which make your kitchen chic, while not being too fanciful. It also creates a warm atmosphere, for the family to spend precious time together cooking or eating.

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More photos on this project:

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