“My inspirations were yummy food and home cooking, the brand’s core values of quality, performance and practical innovation and the brand’s image as ‘visionary, refined, stylish, metropolitan living’, and ‘invented for life’.” The design has perfectly captured the appliance brand’s personality in this warm, friendly space. While Clifton had to follow a design guideline issued by Bosch in Germany, specifying the centre sphere as the kitchen, a middle sphere for free-standing feature displays and an outer sphere for built-in product displays, he was able to develop the layout from this taking into consideration the shape and features of the site. Perhaps the biggest challenge he faced was working in a shell surrounded by ceiling-to-floor windows which limited the space available for storage and product displays. “Big windows mean there’s no space to display things. There’s not so much wall space.” To solve this problem he created three framed boxes that sit in front of the windows. They are spaced out to let natural light come in, while directing the customer’s attention to the appliances via the wooden frames around the boxes. A structural column in the middle of the site also had to be worked around – this challenge was solved by converting it into a round centrepiece incorporating display shelving and storage space.