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As we embark on the design journey, we focus on fulfilling the couple's desires for distinct functional areas within their home: a cooking area, a living area, a versatile multi-function space, a bedroom area, and a bathroom. To enhance fluidity in between spaces, we incorporated a space saving sliding doors throughout the entire home which can be conveniently compartmentalized or opened up to create a seamless flow in between rooms.

Monotone on Tone

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Open Bathroom

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“The first thing that captured my attention when I first visited the apartment was the tropical pool surrounded by lush tropical trees — an atmosphere reminiscent of a luxurious five-star resort.”
Clifton Leung
The Beaumount 1

Whether it be indulging in weekend cooking adventures or engaging in daily exercise routines, this home caters to the sports-minded couple, providing solace after long hours of work.