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Escape to an urban oasis in this airy apartment

Understanding the family of this 1,600-sq ft apartment in La Clare Mansion needs to create a cocoon where they can unwind, connect and rejuvenate, we first redid the layout in order to make the apartment more airy and cosier. The original layout of the apartment had the kitchen, store room and maid’s room divided into three spaces. To make better use of the space, especially with the family loving to cook and invite guests over for meals, Clifton rearranged the space by putting the maid’s room on one side and combined the kitchen and store room on the other side. With the larger space, the family can now have an island in the kitchen, which acts as a meeting point for them to interact with guests while cooking or simply to spend some quality time as a family for breakfast.
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La Clare Mansion Apartment

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With the new and improved layout for the bedrooms also comes a new hallway. Not only does the hallway serve the functional purpose, it is also a special gallery where the family can casually bump into each other while admiring art pieces that are close to their hearts.