A big difference between a single man’s digs and a bachelor pad is the attitude its occupant. The former is home to a man who ended up single because he does not know how to use his personality to charm the ladies, or simply has given up on love, while the latter is for the one who is simply enjoying the life till he finds the love of his life.

The key to creating the perfect bachelor pad is to let your character shine through the apartment. But just pause for a moment if you’re thinking of Christian Grey’s pad in Fifty Shades of Grey. While it is certainly stylish, its overly luxurious feel can be intimidating to the ladies you invite over.

As such, balancing between style and an inviting mood is of utmost importance when it comes to designing the dream bachelor’s pad.

This apartment in Happy Valley exudes masculinity with raw finishes, including concrete flooring, a concrete bench that runs through the apartment, and industrial-style kitchen units, such as a stainless steel table designed by Clifton Leung Design Workshop and stainless-steel bar steels from Apartment. But to prevent it from being too cold and impersonal, Clifton balanced it with clever, indirect lighting, giving the apartment a warm atmosphere.

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Drawing inspiration from a New York loft, this apartment in West Kowloon Cultural District brings out the character of its owner, a stylish man with refined tastes, through the use of state-of-the-art system and appliances, including kitchen appliances from Miele, audio equipment from Bang & Olufsen, refrigerator from Sub-Zero, rainshower from Gessi and bed from Hastens.

But to make sure the owner of this pad is not going to be a bachelor for long, Clifton added thoughtful small touches to the apartment so that ladies that come here will feel at home too. A “smart glass” is used for the partition between the bathroom and the rest of the apartment. Flick a switch and the partition turns opaque, giving the occupant and guests privacy.

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As a bachelor’s pad is only for one occupant, adopting a minimalist design and open layout is not only chic, but also practical. This apartment on Hong Kong Island charms with its simple colour scheme of brown, black and white. To prevent it from being too impersonal, Clifton opted for indirect lightning, giving the apartment a homely feel.

While an open layout is particularly suitable for the owner to invite friends over for gatherings, Clifton also installed sliding doors, giving the owner or guests staying over the option of privacy when needed.

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Any man can tell you that the audio-visual room is his guilty pleasure.
High tech audio-visual can look too harsh, so for this apartment in Redhill Penninsula, Clifton softened the look by cleverly concealing the equipment, and complementing them with painting-like black and blue sound adsorption materials and blue LED ceiling lightning, which gives the apartment a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

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