Bosch’s personality comes through even before you enter the showroom. The glass doors at the entrance feature polished, circular handles that were inspired by the brand logo, and by the brand’s signature dial, which is also round. It’s a soft touch. Clifton wanted people to have that experience as soon as they get there.

Clifton worked in layers, with one layer featuring a museum-like display of products, and another featuring Bosch appliances framed inside wooden boxes.

The circular elements continue throughout the showroom, with retro, round air vents along one wall – behind which hide the bulk of the showroom’s air-con units – and the structural square column has also been transformed into a circular-shaped one, acting as a display area with shelving all around, and drawing the customer into the lounge area. Clifton wanted to invite people to come the back of the store.

The design challenges is the existing column at the middle of the site, we then made the column a round one incorporating the storage.