Bisney Terrace 3
This flat was totally redesigned after the first visit having seen the potential in revealing the stunning sea and hillside view. There was a major change of layout in the windows and also the steel railing was changed to a clear glass panel. The overall effect was to create a much brighter apartment- a totally new living space.
Bisney Terrace 6
Bisney Terrace 4
The apartment now features an open study, semi open kitchen, curved bathroom and a curved, textured feature wall. The whole space is now more open to nature with a folding glass door and large sliding door, bringing the outdoor into the living area.

Homely Cozy Apartment

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Bisney Terrace 2

Mountain View Apartment

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Bisney Terrace 1

The owner also requested a variety of lighting effects. Accent lighting is applied to create a homier feel.