Thanks Apple Daily for visiting our office! Clifton is happy to introduce 5 of his favorite collections – in-flight trolleys, aero themed furniture, designer chairs, oriental screens, and Swatch watches!

Clifton shows how he made the oriental screens as wall partition and door.


Happy photo with his favorite in-flight trolleys!


Clifton shows his collection of Swatch watches collected since he was at school – many of them are special editions!


Fokker Fuel Tank Coffee Table  – this beautiful coffee table is a vintage and original masterpiece, where aviation meets design.


Showing part of Clifton’s chair collection – Mi Ming chair and Mister Bliss Stool by Philippe Starck, Red A’s classic funnel-shaped chair.


Clifton is showing the smart design of Stitch Chair By Adam Goodrum – with the hinges, the chair that can reduce to its minimum thickness to 15mm when folded up.