When designing the new shop concept, creating a unique customer experience was Clifton’s priority. Clifton created a futuristic gallery space to showcase LeSportsac’s fashion-forward pieces by using special RGB lighting system featuring colour-changing technology that emanates vibrant hues. The illuminations are customized to enhance different LeSportsac pattern designs and seasons throughout the year, bringing new vibes to the shop year-round. The use of light and transparent materials thorough the store – blasted mirror, glass and wires – highlights LeSportsac bags in lightweight fabric. Creative shapes and lines of the shelvings and feature lightboxes on the wall gives dynamism and vibrancy to the store, while the chromoshine feature at the furniture serves as a highlight of the store – giving a chic and cyber feeling. The shape of LeSportsac logo is skillfully infused into the design of the hero focus cabinets and lightboxes on walls, enhancing brand awareness. Clever use of mirror at the back wall extends the shelvings and doubles the size of the shop. TV screen at the back wall showcases the brand’s various crossover collections at different seasons. Feature white strips on the floor encourage customers to have leisure exploration around the shop.