Minimalism Creates Maximum Impact

The home’s white-and-beige decor provides a sleek backdrop to a family life that is in no way austere. The light German Boen wood, found ok the floors and in the living space and family rooms, is complemented by sandstone tiles in the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways. This base serves as a subtle divider between the home’s different areas.
The living room is fronted by a wall of white brick, behind which is an unobstructed, yet large, utility closet. To the side of the dining area, we created an office space for the owner that does not detract from the decor.

Modern Zen

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Apartment at the Robinson Road

More Insights…

The result is an organic, blended interior that is pared down and easy for us to live in, yet conveys an understated elegance. It’s very comfortable, and that’s what I wanted from the beginning!”
Greenview Gardens

To address the little ones’ need for artistic expression while still keeping the flat’s wall tidy, we designed painting chalkboards directly onto the walls in the kid’s room – in the shape of his favourite toy car.