Senior Citizen Home Safety Association Oi Man Centre has won Japan's Good Design Award 2018

Hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the Good Design Award aims to choose and highlight outstanding designs from around the world.

The design concept of the centre - “Seeing the Beauty in the Old” symbolizes an enchanting journey, reminiscent of the nostalgic beauty of the old Hong Kong.  With a penchant to uncover the intriguing facets of the city, the design weaves an intriguing trail through wet markets, outdoor food stalls (Dai Pai Dong), small shops, dim-sum restaurants etc., where people can experience and discover the quaint charm and fond vestige of the colonial times.

The design also pays tribute to the senior citizens – who were dedicated workforce of the city’s representative industries, those who had played a vital role in contributing significantly to the success of the Hong Kong colony since 1950s.

Seeing ageing as a natural cycle of continuous life exploration, the design infuses refreshing elements of the beautiful nature to create an energizing ambience, symbolizing a positive process of active ageing.


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