New Design New Life

Ting Ting, the dog’s life has come to a big change. With the new family member, Aiden, a young, energetic, cute baby came to the family, Ting Ting not just got a great company but also a brand new home! The house design is dedicated for the welcoming of the new family member with childproofing around the house.
The new design provides a cozy, safe and yet modern environment for these two good friends, for the growth of both Ting Ting and Aiden.

Semi-open Kitchen Design

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Scandinavian Home Design

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Design attentions to both my specific needs and requests were not only followed but CLDW also proactively suggested additional design options throughout the concept design phase to ensure that any unforeseen needs were also taken into consideration.
Michael Lin
Laguna Verde

The home features lightings from Philips and  Herman Miller Eames Lounge and Ottoman