Home is a place where you will be your own self,  entertain and share your creative cooking with your family and friends, display your collections, enjoy home office away from office, play with your dogs and cats, have a good night sleep and able to be called home for many years to come.

DNA Shop Solution

Every brands have there own story and we are here to create a one-of-a-kind design solution for the your brand. A brand’s most powerful tool is its DNA story that can be implemented in the shop design with unique design elements, leaving customers memorable shopping experiences.

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A Michelin Design

A Michelin Restaurant is not just about stars service or food that you enjoy every time. Happy meals include a few other crucial elements too – the first impression of the restaurant design, the touch and feel of items from forks and knifes to tables and chairs. Visiting a well designed themed restaurant with pleasant surprises is always a memorable culinary experience.

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Wellness Touch

Personal touch is the key element to a good wellness space design – sanctuary space design for people to take a breath and recover from the hectic world and rejuvenate the body within the space.

Cultural Design

Sometimes childhood & deep rooted memories can become one of the most powerful design tools. I grew up in a typical colonial house in Hong Kong before I lived in Toronto. Down to my memory lane, I think 80’s and 90’s are the most dazzling & amazing time in my childhood memories.

Community Works

CLDW believes work life balance. We also believe our business is coming from the community. A good amount of community works is a healthy balance to our work. We make use of our expertise in design to build community-oriented projects for the next generation and many more to come.

Article 101

A good picture tells a thousand words and a well written article can touch millions of hearts.


Circle of Action – we started the physical design by placing the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant at JUMP at the HK Jockey Club Shatin Racecourse



Boasting an envious 180-degree view of Victoria Harbour across its long, curved windows, we have custom-designed storage counters along the windows that are both fun and functional.

Shower Time

A superb bathroom design can expand personal space at home. A carefully designed bathroom space with the right material can make you wow even during showering time.