Clifton works on a wide spectrum of design projects. Hospitality project includes Madera Hollywood. Food and beverage projects include Hong Kong Jockey Club Restaurant – JUMP, spaghetti 360 ° under the Cafe de Coral Group and Michelin one star restaurant –  Mist ramen. Telecom store designs include 1O1O, one2free, PCCW-HKT and CTM Macau. Headquarter designs include the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association headquarters and Goelia headquarters. Healthcare centre designs include Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital Healthcare Centre and Q9 Orthopaedic and Spine Centre operated by the Town Health International Medical Group Limited. Beauty and product store projects include Marie France and Siemens. Public space design projects include Hong Kong Jockey Club Tourist Zone and Hong Kong Jockey Club Life Journey Centre. In addition to the rich retail portfolio, Clifton has created over 200 prestigious home interiors in Hong Kong.

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