CL3 05 – a fresh start in 2019 with a blue door that makes you wonder it is behind! This new activity heaven with warm, welcoming mood lighting is a getaway from the everyday school environment.


Divided by a stylish sail, CL3 05 features two very different seating areas, yet both features creative upcycling furniture, for example wine wooden box bookcase and floating ladder bookshelves.  Accompanied with retro-style light bulbs, lovely animal cushions and carpet flooring, it embodies a relaxing café ambience.


Across the seating area is an industrial-style kitchen featuring cooking accessories placed on big shelves along the window facilitating the school’s famous “Ms Chan Breakfast Meeting”. Besides, the coffee corner came handy by the entrance for welcoming drinks.


This newly designed Learning Support Centre is also equipped with modern conference tables and chairs – for multi-purpose use from staff meeting, group activities to seminars.


CL3 05 Learning Support Centre in TLLF, design and curated by Clifton Leung Design Workshop.