Modern orientalism: How a traditional Chinese-style apartment in Beverly Hill is given a contemporary makeover

Oriental design is not often associated with a modern style, but with a little thinking out of the box, classic Chinese furniture pieces can also be incorporated into a sleek apartment. The owners of this apartment in Beverly Hill have a passion for Chinese history and culture, and have collected a number of antique pieces over the years, including this Chinese-style room divider.
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While they have a sophisticated taste in these classic pieces, the owners are very forward-thinking and modern in their lifestyle. To reflect this in the design of the apartment, we decided to blend the old and the new to give this unit a contemporary makeover.

A Walnut Home

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East Meets West Design

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CLDW was able to give us fresh, stylish and functional design ideas, and still keep our own character. It was a job well-done!”
A. Wong
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The earth tones are extended to the study, all featuring furniture, such as wardrobes, storage units and computer desks, in shades of dark and light browns.